Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013


Balinese religion " agama Hindu Dharma " blends animism, buddism, and hinduism. Ancient beliefs in nature spirit  are the basic for including other faiths, but the keys is keeping a balance in the cosmos and within oneself. The main beliefs are the existence of a single  divine being, the individual soul, the effect of action of future rebirths, reincarnation of the soul, and eventual release from rebirth and union with the divine, ofering the deities, demons, humans, ancestors, and priests are gifts a thanks. Ceremony can be done almost anytime and anywhere. A pura or temple is walled in palace with inner courtyard containing shines and pavilions for the visiting deities. An odalan or anniversary celebration is a festive event whith music, dance, efferings, rituals, and worship all happening together. it is a much a time for socializing and entertaioment as it is a religious occasions.
Many visitors wishing can visit the temple festival sould follow basic rules of etniquette to make their experience more enjoyable, for the balinese apreciate those who show respect for their customs. Bathe first and then dress in balinese style or at least decenty in clean clothes - no shorts, unsleeved shirts, or skirts above the knees. A sash must always be worn around the waist. Entrance is forbidden to woman who are menstruating or who recently gave birth, and to anyone with bleeding wound or who had recent death of a close family member. Do not climb the structures , even walls, to take a photos. If making a close up ask the persons permition or show your itent. Avoid using a flash. Do not stand in front of anyone who praying or bringing offerings. Do not bring outside food and drink into the temple. Be on god behaviour and avoid sudden actions which may  be disrupting, for this is a verry important event and visitors are welcomed only if they make themself properly welcomed.