Senin, 05 Agustus 2013


Heroes  monument
Heroes  monument built by the inverted form of nails has seen monumental filosofis value where the groundbreaking ceremony was done by the first President, Ir. Soekarno by taking precise location on 10 November 1951 and inaugurated on November 10, 1952 also by Ir. Soekarno by taking precise location of the building above the Raad van Justitie Dutch, who in the days of the Japanese occupation of the building used as Kemptai.
In the period of Japanese rule this building used Kemptai Japan to prosecute, torture and detain locals fighters fighting broke Surabaya Indonesia. On that  era, the building was occupied by fighter and finaly became the center of the building was destroyed by artillery fire even this monument from colonial. Hero  Monument was built as a symbol of the spirit of heroism arek-arek Suroboyo in the face of invaders as well as cultural heritage objects.
10 November Museum
To support the existence of the hero monument and facilities to complement its history, the museum was founded 10 november. Pyramid shaped building which sunk 7 feet below the surface of the area and 10 meters above the surface area, with the intention that the existence of such buildings do not dominate the existence of heroes monument.
Inside the museum there is a collection of weaponry both Allied and Japanese sides, which  used in battle 10 November 1945. This museum  has a quiet room, group sculptures, a collection of photographs, historic collection of Bung Tomo, some settings key events are summarized in dela [ static diorama pan, and screening of the battle 10 November 1945 and electronic diorama.
Inside the museum, visitors can hear the speech of  bung tomo fiery fighting spirit to awaken the people of the ultimatum.  
The museum was inaugurated in early soft opening by the mayor of Surabaya on 10 november 1998 by father Sunarto Sumoprawiro, while grang openingnya on February 19, 2000 by President Abdulrahman Wahid.