Senin, 05 Agustus 2013


1. Bentar Gate
Entrance is in the form Bentar temple located on the south side of the hero monument. Has a height of 4.5 meters and width of 1.7 meters, the figures are concluded on the sacred by the nation of Indonesia.
2. Relief
In the field of the wall along the parking area there are eight fields heroes monument  reliefs depicting events that occurred in Surabaya since named Hujung Galuh, Dutch and Japanese colonial era, up to the time of independence.
3. Proclaimers sculpture and Colonade
This statue is located in between the parade ground and the gate briefly with background colonade (Reproductive building pillars Kempetai Japan). Then there is the inscription on the statue pedestal that reads "THE NATION IS A NATION OF JANG JANG CAN APPRECIATE hero".
4. Field of Ceremony
Field  ceremony at the Heroes Monument area for implementation  Heroes Day commemoration ceremony today, November 10, and the other historical.
5. Sculpture Collection
· West: Governor Soerjo, Doel Arnowo, Bung Tomo.
· East: R. Mohammad, Major General Soengkono, Resident Sudirman.
6. heroes monument
This monument is a monument pride of the city of Surabaya, has a height of 41.15 meters with a bottom diameter of 3.10 meters and a diameter of 1.30 meters. This monument is shaped like a "Paku Reversed".
7. Stone inscription
The stone inscriptions are from stones Malang, East Java. The carved stone and there is writing that reads: "you generation, without fighting Surabaya Indonesian nation and state history would be different".
8. Heroes Statue unknown field
The fields are behind the hero monument , surrounded by ponds and the bones buried beneath the fighters who died and founded.
9. Collection on display in the museum
Basement I
a. Field wall filled names of individuals and organizations involved in the November 1945 Ten battle.
b. Heroes monument  Maket
Basement II
a. Hall of Fame
b. Socio drama listen to the speech of Bung Tomo
c. Surabaya Tempo First Image Collection
d. Replica Collection Bamboo Tapered
Electronic Space Drama
first floor  / showroom over money
a. A collection of photographs
b. Weapon
c. Radio is contributed by family Bung Tomo
d. Painting
Second floor
a. Static diorama I
1) Establishment of Regional KNI Surabaya (25 to 27 August '45).
2) Establishment of BKR and Laskar-army Struggle (4 September '45)
3) Flag Incident at Hotel Yamato (19 September '45)
4) Invasion headquarters Kempetai (Japanese Military Police) October 1 '45
b. Static II Diorama
1) expedition to the island Nyamukan (October 14 '45)
2) Battle Three Days (27 to 29 October '45)
3) Bargaining Soekarno-Hawtorn (October 30 '45)
4) Rejection arek-arek Suroboyo against Allied Ultimatum