Senin, 05 Agustus 2013


Wonosobo is one of the region in Central Java Province, its has rich and bountiful  natural beauty including mountains and lake, rich of customs tradition, traditional arts and heritage. Wonosobo is the second most visited destination in Central Java, by tourist both foreign and all over nusantara after Borobudur. This region also known as the cleanest and reliable small town in national level.This region is easy to reach from all directions with any transportation facilities. It means, many facilities as stars hotel, restaurants, shoping centers, were not only modern available for visitors. Other than important facilities, like bank, public market, sport facilities, handycraft shops, and most interesting panorama and tradition arts are available.
Wonosobo has many tourist attraction that must be visited for visitors that spend time in this small city ;

Dieng Pateau
Dieng plateau derives from Sansekerta word, “di” means highland or mountain and “hyang” means heaven. So that  Dieng can be interpreted as a mountain range where god and goddess resides. “ Adobe of God “.
Its placed at 2.093 m above sea level, it was cool enough, with temperature about 10 – 15° celcius. Dieng is coming from javanese language that mean beautiful and unique more over it is different from others. Most of temples in dieng is hinduism ancient temples.

Colour Lake and Mirror Lake
The lake was named colour lake because it reflects various kinds of beautiful colour, it is green tosca and blue lakes. While mirror lake places to it was considered to have a glassy water surface that make it look like a mirror. Between those two lakes there is Semar cave, approximately 4 meters deep, it usually served as a place to meditate. Beside the cave there are two other cave, that is horse cave ( gua jaran ) and water spring cave ( gua sumur ). It is believed that gua sumur cave contains holy water spring names tirta perwitasari. At the cave ,usually hinduism often hold ceremony called medhak tirta.

Tuk Bimolukar Water Spring
This is a water spring whisch described this spot as a places of bimalukar sreaded himself. Tuk bimalukar is a serayu river spring which was considered to give youth to people that washing their face there.
Waduk / Dam Wadaslintang
Wadaslintang dam situated in 2 regency, that is Wonosobo and Kebumen. Primarily serves to generate power plant for the region, it also operates as important facilities concering irrigation and fishery industry. Visitors can find small reptile called biawak there. This site important tourist destination, where there it has beautiful scenery from the peak of the hill located near this place, bathing places, somagede hot spring, and curug winong waterfall.
Tambi Tea Plantation
Tambi tea plantation  widely stretches on the slope of sindoro mountain approximately 1200 – 200 meters above sea levels. The temperature ranges between 15 – 24 ° celcius. Tambi agriculture, located in tambi village  and the total area covering 829 hectares of land, eqquiped with homestay , fishing pond, tennis court, play factory and outbound training ground.

Telaga / Menjer Lake
Telaga Menjer is the largest natural lake in Wonosobo. Located on 1300 meters above sea level with 70 hectares in width and 50 meters deep. This lake lies close to the maron subdistict, 12 km north of wonosobo. The water of the lake usually used by local for generation power plant.