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Jl. Bendul merisi VIII/23 Surabaya – East Java – Indonesia 60239
Kompleks Satya Widya Surabaya (tourism Academy)
Phone : +6231-70892827
Mobile : +62 81232597252
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FUN TOUR SURABAYA is one of the tourist services based in Surabaya – East Java – Indonesia. Fun tour is a grant from the government through student entrepreneurship program.
We provide package tours to Bali and Java islands (bromo tour, kawah ijen / ijen crater, jogja tour, karimun jawa tour,surabaya city tour, dieng tour,etc ), car rental services, domestic and international tickets and hotel vouchers.
With the appropriate service standards and affordable prices, we will serve you and make your trip more enjoyable


Surabaya is a the second largest city in Indonesia, after Jakarta,  and also known as central of East Java Province. With total population of 3 milloin people, Surabaya is the central trading, business, industrial, and education in Indonesia. Surabaya known as heroes town in Indonesia because the story in the past of indepencence fight of Indonesia from colonial. Surabaya was taken from shark “ sura” and crocodile “ buaya “. As the large city Surabaya has many etnic, and the mayory etnic is Javanese, and other like madura etnic, tionghoa etnic, Arabic, and other etnic. Aculturace from people who came and stay in Surabaya for work and stay longer.
Language : javanese language
Religion : Moslim, cristian and catholic, hinduism, Budhist
Total area : 374,36 km2
 Ludruk : teatrical Drama
Remo : welcoming Dance
Kidungan : traditional hymn