Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013


Surabaya is the second largest city in indonesia and also as heros town. As heros town Surabaya has many tourist attraction that bring us remember when colonial come and colozine. There are many colonial building in Surabaya old town and around this city, some of the building still standing stong and now used as hotel, restaurant, goverment office and others.
Not only as heros town , Surabaya also has many spritual places that religiously.

Sunan Ampel Mosque
As one of the oldest and most crowded mosque in Surabaya, Ampel mosque has a special story with Sunan Ampel, one of the influential in spreading islam in Java island. The grave of Sunan Ampel itself is located in the west building of Ampel Mosque.
Entering the area of Ampel mosque is like being like in the midlle east. The fragrant typical midlle East aroma immedietly felt upon entering this religion site. The mosque that being built by Raden Rahmatullah in 1421, is located in Ampel street Surabaya. The arrival of pilgrimes or visitirs are greeted by the merchants who sell various praying souvenir equipment as well as pious clothing , beads, veils, hast to perfume.
Cheng Hoo Mosque
Location : Gading st. no. 02 Surabaya - Indonesia

Cheng  Hoo  is the messenger of the King of the Ming Dynasty who underwent visit to Asia as Envoy / Ambassador of Peace. As a bahariawan and Admiral Muhammad Cheng Hoo successfully circumnavigated the world for 7 consecutive times and established trade relations with the countries he visited including the fest visit the kingdom of Majapahit to establish trade relations. Goods are brought silk, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and tea, by the way history is known as the Travel / Silk Trade.
To strengthen the ties with the kingdom of Majapahit, Puteri diberikanlah Campa for dipersunting by the King of Majapahit, which then performs syi'ar Islam in Java.
Muhammad Cheng Hoo mosque  Indonesia itself is known as the first mosque in Indonesia that use Chinese Muslim name, with buildings and antique ethnic quite prominent than the form of mosques in general in Indonesia.

Four Faced Budha Statue Surabaya
Location : Sukolilo st. No. 100 Surabaya Indonesia
Four faced budha is one of the spiritual tourist attraction in Surabaya with weight and height 9 meter and 225 square meters that recocnized by MURI as the largest and tallest religious statue in Indonesia.Many contain with number 9 ( weight 9 and length 9 ) as the significance for member of budha. the simbol of four face Budha are Budha that patience, liberal, mediating, fair etc. Many people that visit this places to praying for budhism and visitor that want to know.

Al Akbar Mosque 
Location : Pagesangan st. No. 02 Surabaya Indonesia
Al Akbar mosque is the second largest mosque in Indonesia and the largest in Surabaya. Standing on a land 11,2 ha, and the total area of the building are  28.509 m2 can be used for  59.000 jamaah. Actualy this mosque will be the landmark of Surabaya and deep islamic in the world.Calligraphy is an important element in the design of this mosque, because the touch of calligraphy that gives a touch of Islamic nuance. Materials used for calligraphy is made ​​of teak wood with paint finishing systems ducco. While the designer is a national calligraphers from Bangil namely Mr. Faiz.