Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013


Most of the nort coast falls under the regency of Buleleng, once Bali’s chief port. This long contacts with outside influences is reflected in the etnic diversity of its populations and as a starting places for new artistic developments which spread south. The ruling house came to power in the 17th and conguered parts of karangasem, Jembrana , and east java, forming and alliance with Mengwi that lasted until the end of the 18th century when Karangasem returned to power and took Buleleng. During the mid 1800s the dutch defeated Buleleng in their first atempt to take Bali. The dutch make singaraja bali as capital, which still have some colonial buildings and chinese temples. The large collection in Bali of lontar palm-leaf books is kept at the Gedong Kertya Library outside the city ; the Sasana Budaya Art center is more central. Out west is the tourist resort areas of Lovina, with quite blacksands. Exciting bull race take places  annualy is some neighboring villages. Views are dramatic from the winding coastral road. Relax in the sulfurous hot spring  at banjar  which has buddist  monastery.