Minggu, 25 Agustus 2013


Jawi temple is located by the road tha tconects pandaan – Prigen. Historically, it is an archaeological site from Singosari era. Formely, Jawi temple became a place of ” pendarmaan ” ( ash body storage ) of kertanegaraking, of the last singosari king. Jawi temple was built around the 13th century. This temple is a mixture of hindu and buddiest culture. Buddiest architecture is visible from the top of the temple which shape like stupa. The typical of Hindu temple appears on the body and under the temple. For tourist who visit tretes, of pandaan, Jawi temple is comfort haven to stop before continuing the journey. On the full moon night, on the date of 15 month in javanese calender, there are traditional dance in the compound of the Jawi temple.