Kamis, 08 Agustus 2013


Location : Located in the ijen Highland, between 2 regency, Banyuwangi and Bondowoso regency
Temperature : 14 - 20 degree celcius
Visit Hours : All day long up to 14:00. The earlier the  better to get great view of the crater.
Evalition : 1.245 - 2.386 m above sea level. The crater approximately 200 meters water dept and 600 x 900 meters water surface. Ijen crater usualy called as Kawah ijen, it is spacious volcanic crater. the water looks green ( green tosca lake ) from a few hundred meters up to the observation spot and on the upper mount of the crater. Near the crater, there is regular activity of local comunity as sulfur miners for industry.
Ijen is one of tourism object in East Java, that regulary visit by local and foreign visitors. It has a combined panorama between the crater and mountain view. Visiting Ijen crater is one of fantastic, adventourous, and chalenging sport trip. While arriving the crater, a mesmerizing view will be imedietly appeared. The green tosca lake will be seen and wraped up by sulfur smoke / wapour. From the rim , visitors can see traditionla sulfur miners working near the lake, going down near water. they bring sulfur in the basket of bamboo for 50 - 100 kg to paltuding.