Senin, 05 Agustus 2013


Coban Rondo is one of the waterfall in Batu(45 Hour from Malang city)
84 Meters .Discharge of water during the rainy season reaches 150 liters per second and in the dry season 60 liters per second
Coban Rondo Waterfall located in the village Pandesari, Pujon, Malang regency, with the distance half an hour from downtown Malang.
Climate :an average rainfall of 1721 mm / yr, with the wet months from November to March and the dry season from April to October with an average temperature of 22 ° C
The story behind the Coban Rondo Waterfall, stems from a bride and groom who just got married. Anjarwati bride named Goddess of Gunung Kawi, while groom named Raden Baron Kusumo from Mount Anjasmoro. After the age of marriage at the age of 36 days or called Selapan (Java language). Goddess Anjarwati invites her visit to Mount Anjasmoro, which is the origin of the husband. But parents Anjarwati prohibit the bride and groom leave their wedding because of the age-old 36 days or called Selapan. However, both the bride insisted on going with any risks that occur on the way.
While on the way, they were surprised by the presence of Joko Lelono, unclear origin. Lelono Joko seems enamored with the beauty of Goddess Anjarwati, and tried to capture it. Consequently fight between Ricardo Lelono with Raden Baron Kusumo inevitable. To his aides also called puno friend who accompanies the bride and groom are, Raden Baron advised that Goddess Anjarwati Kusumo hidden somewhere located in Coban or waterfall. Fighting between Raden Baron Kusumo with Joko Lelono lasted cried and they both died. Consequently Goddess Anjarwati became a widow in the Java language called Rondo. Since then Coban or waterfall hiding place Anjarwati Goddess known as Coban Rondo. It is said that big rock under the waterfall is where the princess sat contemplating his fate.