Senin, 29 Juli 2013


Pasuruan regency covering an area about 1476 km2, is geographically situated between 112 33’55⁰ - 11 05’ 37⁰ EL and 7 32 34 – 7 57 20 Sl. Administretively Pasuruan Regency divided into 24 districts, 341 villages, 24 suburban villages and 1694 subvillages. The norhten borders of pasuruan regency is Madura strait and sidoarjo rengency, the west is Mojokerto regency and the east is Probolinggo regency.
Pasuruan regency is well known as city of mountain. It has mountainous view area and various kinds of tourism objects namely Natural Tourism, Cultural Tourism, agro Tourism and others. It become marketable tourist destination area in East Java Province.
Pasuruan regency also has diversties which spread in several regions whose exsistence are still preserved, among the others are cuktural communities of tenggerese which inhabited in tosari .